Linux installation

WhatPulse on Linux requires several libraries to function. Mainly Qt, because WhatPulse is built on Qt. Here's a list of requirements:

  • libQtCore
  • libQtWebKit
  • libqt4-sql
  • libqt4-sql-sqlite
  • openssl-devel (libssl-dev)
  • libQtScript

Input Statistics
The client needs permissions to be allowed to read your keyboard/mouse input. Run the included interactive .sh script to set up these permissions.

Network Statistics
To enable the network measurements, you also need the package libpcap to allow WhatPulse to hook into the network traffic. If WhatPulse does not find libpcap, it will run but it will not display any network statistics.

The next is only required on clients earlier than 2.1 - later versions will automatically correct this:
After libpcap installation, you need to tell the OS to allow the WhatPulse binary to hook into the network traffic. To do so, execute this command inside the directory where the binary resides:
sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin=eip ./whatpulse