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My network traffic is not counting

Does your WhatPulse client count network traffic (download and upload), but does not pulse it to the website? Do your per application network stats not work?

You're most likely missing the pcap library needed for these statistics, but this can be fixed easily!


NPCAP is required. It comes with the client installation file, but you can also download and install it separately. If you have NPCAP installed and the client is still not tracking unpulsed bandwidth, please remove and reinstall NPCAP before contacting support. It sometimes gets corrupted when Windows updates come through.


The WhatPulse client needs system permissions before it can measure network traffic. These permissions are set during the initial installation, but if WhatPulse stops counting network traffic, use the installer file called install.ChmodBPF.pkg that's located in the directory /Applications/WhatPulse/depends


The snap and AppImage client can only count interface network traffic. It can not see application traffic and does not count towards your unpulsed traffic yet. This is a side effect of the packaging and we're working on a solution.

USB Interfaces

If you're using an USB network interface for network access, you could have issues where the client does not track your network traffic, this is a known issue.

USB Interfaces are sometimes not handled properly by the middleware application (NPCAP) that the client uses for network tracking and the client does not receive any traffic for those types of interfaces.

Partially Counting

If your network traffic is partially counting, there are reasons for that as well.