Logitech Gaming Keyboard Widget

WhatPulse Logitech Gaming Keyboard Widget

Logitech Gaming Keyboards?

Logitech has a range of pretty nice keyboards, some of which have a LCD screen.

What does this widget do?

This widget displays WhatPulse statistics (unpulsed or your account totals) on your Logitech Keyboard LCD screen. Here are two pictures from test keyboards (the Logitech G19 and G510):

G19 G510
G19 G510

Pretty cool, right? :-)


Firstly, you need a Logitech Gaming Keyboard. :-)

You also need the Logitech Gaming Software to be able to run this widget, as it connects to the keyboard through that software. It is also required to enable the Client API inside the WhatPulse Client. You can find this in the Settings tab, on the last page. The Client API was introduced in version 2.7.

Keyboards Tested

This widget is currently only tested on a Logitech G19 and G510. It should work on all Logitech Gaming keyboards, though. Please let us know if you have another type and whether it works, or doesn't work!


You can change two things about this widget; 1) the time it takes to refresh the stats and 2) the Client API URL it gets the stats from.

There settings are stored in the file WhatPulseLogitechWidget.ini, which is stored in the local application directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%). Here's how it looks by default:

ClientAPIURL = http://localhost:3490/v1/unpulsed
RefreshSeconds = 5

You can either edit this file directly and watch it take effect the next refresh, or use the Menu button on your keyboard, if you have one (the G510 doesn't), and see this window pop up:


Open Source

This widget is fully open source and can be found on our GitHub page. It mostly serves as an example of what the Client API inside the WhatPulse client can do, but it's just too awesome not to put on the main download page. You're free to use the code of this widget and create your own cool thing that uses the Client API. As long as you drop us a line. ;-)

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