My network traffic is not counting!

Does your WhatPulse client count network traffic (download and upload), but does not pulse it to the website? Do your per application network stats not work?

You're most likely missing the pcap library needed for these statistics, but this can be fixed easily!

Windows: WinPcap is required. It comes with the client installation file, but you can also download and install it separately.
If you have WinPcap installed and the client is still not tracking unpulsed bandwidth, please remove and reinstall WinPcap before contacting support. It sometimes gets corrupted when Windows updates come through.

Mac OS X: The pcap library is standard on OS X, no third party installations needed. The WhatPulse client does need OS permissions. More on that in this article.

Linux: The libpcap library needs to be installed. Check the Linux installation guide in this help center.

USB Interface: My USB Network Interface is not tracked

If your network traffic is partially counting, there are reasons for that as well.