Converting Text to Statistics (Variables)

Statistics variables are a bit of text enclosed by percentages (%). You can use them in your public profile, dashboard text widgets, or social media messages, and they will be translated into the statistic they represent. For example, typing %TotalKeys% will show the total number of keys in your account.


You can use variables with Text Widgets to display statistics of your choosing. When editing a Text Widget, you can add text variables of your choosing by using the dropdown menu on the right labelled, "Insert Statistic."


Alternatively, you can type the variables in yourself. For a full list of variables that you can choose from, press the "?" button on the right, or see the table below.

Variables are converted to statistics immediately upon exiting the editor. For example, %TotalKeys% (%RankKeys%) will display the total number of keys you have typed, and your rank in parentheses. You can add as many variables as you wish to any text widget.

Below is a table of variables you can use inside your public profile, twitter or facebook message.

Statistic Variables

Variable Description
%TotalKeys% User: Keys
%TotalClicks% User: Clicks
%TotalDownloaded% User: Downloaded
%TotalUploaded% User: Uploaded
%TotalUptime% User: Uptime
%TotalUptimeLong% User: Uptime (long format)
%RankKeys% User: Rankings: Keys
%RankClicks% User: Rankings: Clicks
%RankDownload% User: Rankings: Download
%RankUpload% User: Rankings: Upload
%RankUptime% User: Rankings: Uptime
%AccountName% User: Accountname
%DateJoined% User: Date joined
%Homepage% User: Homepage
%HowLongJoined% User: Joined how long ago
%HowLongJoinedLong% User: Joined how long ago (long format)
%Referrals% User: Referrals
%LastReferral% User: Last referral date
%AmountOfComputers% User: Amount of computers
%LastPulse% User: Last Pulse date
%KeysLastPulse% User: Last Pulse keys
%ClicksLastPulse% User: Last Pulse clicks
%DownloadLastPulse% User: Last Pulse download
%UploadLastPulse% User: Last Pulse upload
%UptimeLastPulse% User: Last Pulse uptime
%Pulses% User: Total Pulses
%AvKeysPerPulse% User: Average keys per pulse
%AvClicksPerPulse% User: Average clicks per pulse
%AverageKPS% User: Average keys per second
%AverageCPS% User: Average clicks per second
%AverageKPM% User: Average keys per minute
%AverageCPM% User: Average clicks per minute
%AverageKPH% User: Average keys per hour
%AverageCPH% User: Average clicks per hour
%WeekKeys% User: Last weeks keys
%WeekClicks% User: Last weeks clicks
%WeekDownload% User: Last weeks download
%WeekUpload% User: Last weeks upload
%WeekUptime% User: Last weeks uptime
%WeekPulses% User: Last weeks number of pulses
%RankKeys_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on keys
%RankClicks_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on clicks
%RankDownload_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on download
%RankUpload_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on upload
%RankUptime_Change% User: Last weeks rank change on uptime
%Country% Country: Name
%CountryShort% Country: Name (short)
%CountryRankKeys% Country: Rankings: Keys
%CountryRankClicks% Country: Rankings: Clicks
%CountryRankDownload% Country: Rankings: Download
%CountryRankUpload% Country: Rankings: Upload
%CountryRankUptime% Country: Rankings: Uptime
%CountryMembers% Country: Members
%CountryKeys% Country: Keys
%CountryClicks% Country: Clicks
%CountryDownload% Country: Download
%CountryUpload% Country: Upload
%CountryUptime% Country: Uptime
%CountryUptimeLong% Country: Uptime (long format)
%TeamName% Team: Name
%TeamFormed% Team: Date created
%TeamID% Team: ID
%RankInTeam% Team: Your rank in team
%TeamMembers% Team: Members
%TeamKeys% Team: Keys
%TeamClicks% Team: Clicks
%TeamDownload% Team: Download
%TeamUpload% Team: Upload
%TeamUptime% Team: Uptime
%TeamUptimeLong% Team: Uptime (long format)
%TeamRankKeys% Team: Rankings: Keys
%TeamRankClicks% Team: Rankings: Clicks
%TeamRankDownload% Team: Rankings: Download
%TeamRankUpload% Team: Rankings: Upload
%TeamRankUptime% Team: Rankings: Uptime
Jan 30, 2022

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