Can I use your data? (APIs)

There are several ways to extract data from WhatPulse to use within your own applications, one of them is via the Web API.

This API can be used to web application to retrieve data about users and teams. It is presented in a XML or JSON format for you to parse and incorporate into your application. This help page won't display the details about the Web API, those are in our Developer Center.

Client API
The Client API can be activated inside the WhatPulse client locally on your computer. Through the Client API you can request real-time statistics from the client. All the details and code examples for the Client API is located in our Developer Center.

If you do create an application that uses our data, please let us know (, we're very interested to see what kind of applications are being created by our users!

Custom Data
If you're looking for custom data reports, please contact us to see what's possible.

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